Sightseeing - or experiencing?

Sightseeing is a nice way to get a first impression about a new place and its history. However, in my eyes, travelling is much more: it means looking behind the facades, encountering people, experiencing history and – last but not least – also diving into the smells, tastes and textures of a new country.

It’s with this philosophy that I organize the tours for my guests.


Rather than treating you as a tourist which has to see the top ten attractions plus as many souvenir shops as possible, I want to give you a unique and immersive experience. Just tell me a few words about you and your degree of readiness for adventure, and I will compose an exclusive trip which will give you a deep experience of that multifaceted country that is China.


Beyond tourism, China also offers many opportunities for business people. However, being able to communicate and knowing the cultural codes is essential for success.  If you look for a trusted interpreter and advisor, I can help you in preparing your trip, in setting up your meetings and in supporting you in discussions and negotiations.


If you are in China, please click this link below to view my video. ( Google and Youtube are blocked in China.)


About me

Nǐ hǎo (Hello there)! My name is Scarlett Mao; I’m an experienced certified Chinese tour guide, specialising in the Shanghai metropolitan area, and surrounding cities like Hangzhou, Suzhou and cities around Shanghai.

When you visit a new city, have you ever wondered if you should spend your time visiting the so-called “Top 10” local attractions or if there is a better way to experience this new environment? What highlights are really worth visiting, and which ones are suitable for you? How to make most of your time and money? Where can you find local food and restaurants that appeal to your tastes? To address these natural questions, I prefer to share with you my personal opinion and provide you genuine, detailed information about attractions, rather than follow pre-defined itineraries.

Most people have heard of Shanghai’s famous attractions, like The Bund, People’s Square and Yu Garden, and I am well acquainted with all of them. However, what many tourists miss out on is the city’s vibrant local culture, which in modern times is often pushed away from view, into side roads, small parks and squares. It is here where you can get a true feel for the city; marvel at locals gathering to play Majiang and practicing Tai Chi in a springtime park, enjoy a pleasant cycle through historic tree-lined streets, or savour the city’s incredible cuisine: in small street stalls, side streets and small markets, hidden from view. On my tour, I hope to combine these neglected, traditional elements of Shanghai with the bustling, modern metropolis and world-class attractions that entice many travellers.

To add some personal experience, when I visit other counties, I expect my guides to be honest, provide me with genuine information, care about me, and make me feel comfortable. And that is what I offer to my guests. I regard myself not only as a professional tour guide, but also as a host with whom you can trust and feel comfortable.

Please visit my website and YouTube channel for more information. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Xiè Xiè (Thank you)!

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How I conceive my mission

My top priority is that you get exactly the tour you are looking for - as everyone is unique, all my programs are, in consequence, also unique. 

I believe that I succeeded in my mission if you still think about your visit 20 years later. 

The samples below give you an idea of tours I organised in the past for other clients, and I would be more than happy to compose a very personal program for you, too. If you come for business purposes, it would be my pleasure to help you to have success in your Chinese endeavours. Beyond being an interpreter, I can bridge the gap between Chinese and Western culture. I am familiar with wholesale markets, can connect you to various manufacturers in the mainland of China and also help you to have an active or passive presence at trade shows and exhibitions.

Get in touch

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                                           Already been cheated?

Many tourists in all countries of the world are disappointed when the apparently very friendly tour guide makes them buy tickets which turn out being far too expensive, or when he or she brings them to one or several shops where they feel more or less pressure to buy something.


I have been as a visitor to many countries and I do not like at all this attitude.


Therefore, I will never touch any commission from third parties. If you wish to buy something, I will find the most appropriate place for you, and I will treat your wallet as if it was mine. 

It’s a point of honour.

Another memorable Indian family

Before I met them, I already knew I would have good time with them! Thank you again for your kindness, Bakulesh.