Let us be your reliable

business assistant

Keep your business going during and after Covid-19 in China


Due to the ongoing pandemic, almost the whole world has been in lockdown for months. It is still uncertain, but international borders will be reopening, including China. 


In order to keep your business going or help position yourself for future, why not find someone to be your business assistant to represent you in China? I am here to help?


Firstly, when you need someone to be your hands, eyes and ears, reliability is the most important aspect. Otherwise, you might lose more by spending time and money on an ineffective service.


My service is flexible, reliable, smart, and a good value to fulfill your business liaison needs.


We are here for you, thank you for your trust.

Affordable Services

15O USD Plus Travel Expenses Per Day For All Services


We can help you translate ,interpret documents and simultaneous. 

​Quality Control

We can travel to factories or companies to conduct quality control audits, check  new business qualifications and deliver samples.


If you know which specific products you want, but don't know where you can get a fair price and quality products, we are here to assist you to find a great deal for you. 


Specialized needs arise all the time. We are versaitle enough to handle unexpected and customized requests to meet your needs.

About Us

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