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Let us be your reliable

business assistant

I am a freelance tour guide in Shanghai, who has been living in Shanghai for about 5 years. As an English-speaking tour guide and assistant with overseas travellers and business travellers, understanding different cultures and finding the ways to enjoy better communication are very important when it comes to hospitality, and any kind of cross-cultural business dealings.

Rather than coming all the way to China, wouldn't it be better to find someone who is reliable and trustworthy to represent you to get more genuine information without consuming unnecessary time and money?

Unlike some big companies, I am self-employed. I like to spend more time to do research, to prepare for my work, to meet your own specific requirements with a lesser cost.


                               Scarlett's Pledge

I will always: 


  • unconditionally represent my customers, and never accept bribes from any third parties 

  • be open and will share knowledge and opinions that will benefit you 

  • have your back in China

  • give you my entrepreneurial perspective formed from years of owning and operating my own businesses!



Tour Guide

Business Assistant

We do it with the same attitude, 

in the end, we will be reliable friends. 

Affordable Services

15O USD Plus Travel Expenses Per Day For All Services



We can help you translate ,interpret documents and simultaneous. 

​Quality Control


We can travel to factories or companies to conduct quality control audits, check  new business qualifications and deliver samples.



If you know which specific products you want, but don't know where you can get a fair price and quality products, we are here to assist you to find a great deal for you. 



Specialized needs arise all the time. We are versaitle enough to handle unexpected and customized requests to meet your needs.

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