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We are fun, casual and professional travel partners!

Being a good person first, then being a good guide. 

Scarlett Mao

Hello, my friends. This is Scarlett, the founder of Scarlett Mao Tours Company. I hope my friend Zaraf and I can be your trustworthy friends during your stay in China. And, if you have any suggestions or questions, I am always here to listen and answer them if I am able to do so. Thank you so much!


My Email:

Zaraf Zhao

Hey, everyone. This is Zaraf. I am a certified English-speaking tour guide.Apart from traveling, my main hobby is arts and crafts. I have been a tour guide for several years. My favourite travel destination is Lugu Lake in Yunnan province. My favourite place to visit in Shanghai is She Mountain, because it is peaceful and natural. I met Scarlett at university, and we have been friends ever since. I hope to bring you unforgettable memories! Thank you!

 Learn more about Zaraf on YouTube

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