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Insider tour to Shanghai

This is a flexible tour of Shanghai, featuring all the most popular tourist attractions the city has to offer, as well as many lesser-known scenic spots that most visitors to the city would miss. This tour could include a number of social, cultural and historical views of Shanghai.

The tour is entirely flexible and can be fully customized to fulfill your specific interests and desires. This means you can choose from a range of different sites, decide to focus more on well-known attractions or Shanghai's hidden gems. You can also change the length of the tour, from a single day tour to one spanning several days, allowing you to see all this vast city has to offer. No two tours will be the same!

Duration of Trip:

  • 8 hour+ (less than 3 additional hours)

Meeting Point:

  • Your hotel lobby or any place you prefer

Meeting Time:

  • 9:30AM, or any time you feel comfortable with

Available Languages:

  • English

Guide Fee:

  • 120USD 1 Person+20USD For Each Guest After

  • Please contact us for pricing - More People, More Discounts!


  • The tour guide fee only covers the services provided directly by the tour guide.


  • The fee does not cover additional expenses, such as transportation, food and your own sightseeing tickets (Most of the time, the tour guide does not need to buy tickets).

Optional itineraries:

  • These tours are just for One day itinerary samples, if you have more days in Shanghai, we will make a unique multi-day itinerary for you!


Sample One----For first-time visitors

The Oriental Pearl TV tower: Personally, it is the first and best option for tourists to visit if you want to visit observation decks. However, if you would like an alternative, we can go to the Jinmao Tower, the Shanghai Tower or the Financial centre Tower.

Ticket: 160 RMB

Yu Garden: Eastern China is famous for private gardens, which were traditional houses for people. You can view real ancient architecture, old furniture and lovely nature in these private gardens. Yu Garden is the place you can’t miss! Lots of tourists might go to the nearby shopping area, but it is easy to miss this lovely garden.

Ticket: 30RMB or 40RMB [Different season’s prices]

The local markets area: If you love walking, we could walk from Yu Garden to the local area. You would see a local wet market, electronic market, and a bird & flower market.

Free Entrance

The French Concession area: First stop is XinTianDi, which is a great place to have alcohol and western food. Second Stop: Fuxing Park, you can take a break and see local people playing chess, dancing, practising playing instruments, and so on; Third Stop: Sian Mansion area, which is full of French style architecture and tree-lined streets; Fourth Stop: Going inside the area’s typical architecture (They used to be communistic offices).   

The Bund and East Nanjing Road: In the evening, you will see the different sides of the Bund. If you like, we can take the Huangpu River Cruise. Also, the acrobatic show is a good option for you in the evening!

Sample Two---Returning Traveller                                                

China’s art museum or M50 Art zone: They both display different art, but these two art galleries focus on different styles. China’s art museum was the centerpiece of the 2010 Expo, and contains several large-scale pieces and themed artistic projects. M50 Art zone is focused more on individual works by emerging artists; you can often see the artists at work here and buy their artwork. You can choose either of these sites according to your own preference.

The local market area: You would see a local wet market, electronic market, and a bird & flower market.

The Confucius Temple: This is an ancient Chinese school, and local people still bring their children to wish for good luck on their examinations. It has over 1000 years of history, and is based in the local residential area. You will see different sides of Shanghai here.

Ticket: 10RMB

The local tea Plaza: You will see various types of tea from all around China. This is where locals buy their tea.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall & People’s Square:

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is located at People’s Square. This hall was built to showcase the achievement of Shanghai’s city planning and construction. The main body of the building covers Shanghai’s development from ancient times to the present and beyond. People’s Square is the heart of Shanghai, and contains a local park with Chinese parents looking for spouses for their children, old people dancing, chatting and so on.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall Ticket: 30RMB

Local Shikumen residential area:

This completely local area is full of local life. Several streets are connected together, some of them feel very romantic, some of them are full of local antiques and, in some of them, you will simply see people going shopping and doing everyday tasks. Along these streets and alleys, you will see different local architecture (Shikumen) and Shanghainese playing Majiang, cooking meals outside, buying vegetables, taking photographs for weddings and so on.

More alternative sites you can choose:

Shanghai Museum: Shanghai Museum is a large museum of ancient Chinese artifacts. It has more than 120,000 precious historical relics, including bronze ware, China ware, calligraphy works, paintings, jade articles, ancient coins, ancient furniture, and sculptures. It has a great location, just next to the centre of the city.

Jade Buddha Temple: It was built during the Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1875-1909) and has a priceless collection of jade statues from Burma. There are monks currently living in the Temple and the Temple houses the Shanghai Buddhist Institute.

Jing’an Temple: A uniquely golden temple. It has a great location in the richness of modern and central Shanghai.

Fake Market: It is the largest fake market in Shanghai. You can buy any kind of international branded watches, bags, shoes, and most fake international-style products at low prices. You also can buy Chinese souvenirs like pearls, silk, and tea.

The Fabric Market: The famous Shanghai Fabric Market is home to hundreds of tailors and seamstresses, and is the city’s prime destination for bespoke clothing garments. If it can be stitched and sewn, they can do it for you in a day.


The Flower’s Market: Caojiadu Flower market is the largest flower market. The first floor has living flowers and plants; the second floor is for plastic flowers and housing decorations.  

Duolun Road: Duolun Road is representative of the historic architecture of the 20th century in Shanghai. It a peaceful street for walking, buying antiques, and having a cup of tea. Duolun Road is based in a local residential area and allows you to get away from the centre of Shanghai.

1930 Slaughter house: Designed originally by British architects, and built in 1933 by Chinese developers, the building was originally intended for use as a slaughterhouse but served a number of purposes over the years from a medicine factory to a cold storage facility. Now, it is a collection of galleries, restaurants, cafes, and design workshops.

YongKang Road: It used to be the most popular bar street for local foreigners in Shanghai. Though, there are less bars than before, it is still worth a visit. It is located in a nice area in the French Concession.


  • Huangpu River Cruise (120RMB/Per Person)

  • The Acrobatic Show (350 RMB/Per Person Or 420 RMB/Per Person)

 In order to give you a more caring, personalised itinerary, send us a message! Thank you!

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