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Culture and History of Suzhou

This is a tour for visitors to Shanghai who wish to get away from the modern metropolis and enjoy a view of traditional China in the form of the nearby city Suzhou.

Suzhou is famous for its beautiful network of canals and waterways, its numerous private gardens arranged in the traditional Chinese style and for its vibrant local opera culture. Additionally, Suzhou boasts a varied and unique local cuisine that differs greatly from Shanghai's.

A visit to Suzhou would provide a magical look at China's incredible past, giving visitors to Shanghai a very memorable contrast.Because there are so many sites to visit in Suzhou, this tour is very flexible and I am willing to take you to the attractions that appeal to you most. So, I can help you decide the focus of your tour depending on your interests.

Duration of Trip:

  • 8 hours+ (less than 2 additional hours )

Meeting Point:

  • Your hotel lobby or any place you prefer

  • Meeting Time: 9:00AM, or any time you are comfortable with

Available Languages:


Guide Fee:

  • 120USD 1 Person+20USD For Each Guest After

  • Please contact us for further pricing - More People, More Discounts!


  • The tour guide fee only covers the services provided directly by the tour guide.

Not Included:

  • The fee does not cover additional expenses, such as transportation, food and your own sightseeing tickets (Most of the time, the tour guide does not need to buy tickets).

Sample One: Explore a local residential area and feel an authentic “watertown”

Yipu Garden: This is one of my two favourite classic private gardens in Suzhou. It is hidden in local residential area and is a less well-known but extremely peaceful garden, located in a very traditional area. Even Chinese people could get lost in this area! Therefore, you can have a glimpse of traditional China and see how people live in Suzhou behind the touristy attractions.

Seven Miles Street: In Suzhou, there are three extremely famous old streets. Seven Miles Street is the busiest street among them. Even so, it offers a great chance to see “the Venice of the East”. We could take a boat around the waterway also! If you love walking, we could walk behind this street. We can see some local wet markets, local houses, antique stores and other local areas of interest.

The Tiger Hill: This is a complex hill away from downtown and combines nature with historical sites. There is an ancient pagoda with over 1000 years of history, sometimes referred to as “the Leaning Tower of Pisa of the East”. A famous king from the Wu period is also supposed to be buried under the hill, but that story has remained very mysterious to even the local people.

Buddhist Hanshan Temple: Suzhou used to be famous for thousands of temples. The Hanshan temple is a typical Chinese temple next to the longest canal - The Grand Canal.

Sample Two- Most popular and classic tour in Suzhou

Master of Nets Garden: This garden is more delicate and more peaceful than the others in Suzhou. It is a very typical private garden. Compared to The Humble Administrator's Garden, it has a compact layout. Furthermore, it is the only garden to offer several traditional opera shows inside.

Suzhou Museum: Suzhou museum not only has plenty of collections of antiques, but also a great and unique design which combines traditional Chinese and modern styles. Its designer is a well-known architect named Leoh Ming Pei. And this museum is his last masterpiece! It is closed on Mondays.

Seven Miles Street or PingJiang Old street: PingJiang Old Street is next to Suzhou Museum and the Humble Adminstrator’s Garden. It is more peaceful than Seven Miles Street. It boasts a great location.  

Buddhist Hanshan Temple: Suzhou used to be famous for thousands of temples. The Hanshan temple is a typical Chinese temple next to the longest canal - The Grand Canal.

More alternative sites you can choose:

The Humble Administrator's Garden: the most popular and typical private garden in Suzhou.

Remarkable living operas show in the garden: If you want to enjoy various authentic Chinese operas, this show would be the best choice for you.

Tai Ping Mountain: a peaceful and scenic mountain on the outskirts of the city. A rocky climb awaits, with amazing views of the city at the top, as well as a mountaintop ancient Buddhist temple. You can spend a half day here!

The Northern Temple: A Buddhist temple, less touristy compared to Hanshan Temple.


We can book the bullet train in advance, and it takes 25 minutes from the train station in Shanghai to Suzhou. Otherwise, we can rent a private car to visit it, which would be more comfortable and convenient.

In order to give you a more caring, personalised itinerary, send us a message! Thank you!

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