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How to keep business going with low budgets due to worldwide travel restrictions during COVID-19?

Technology helps China to take control of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to block international flights and change the way of society and human interaction.

In China, daily technology has become commonplace. From small vendors to 80-year old elders, almost everyone uses online payment applications, food delivery services, online wet markets, etc. Online technology seems to be overwhelming. Personally, I try not allow “Black Mirror” to materialise in my daily life. However, I have to admit that technology does make life much more convenient. Particularly, without technologies, it would have been impossible to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control within two 4 months considering China's massive and active population.

From suspicion to trust, it takes the first step to try.

Zoom virtual meetings keep us working together during pandemic

During the pandemic, almost all over the world has been lockdown. We are learning in pain. Zoom helps business meetings or education courses to continue. Though this situation would have been previously unimaginable, it is the internet that has slowly kept the world going.

The internet connects us. Online communication keeps us sharing and working together.

From traditional communication to a new form of communication, it takes a step of trying.

In response to low risk of Covid-19, Chinese government launched “return to work, return to production, return to business and return to market”

So then, when will this pandemic be over? When will China reopen its border again? A couple days ago, all regions of China were downgraded to the low risk level for Covid-19. On Thursday, national broadcaster CCTV called for an effort to “return to work, return to production, return to business and return to market” (复工复产复商复市). From a Chinese viewpoint, the economy hasn’t reached last year's level; but from a worldwide perspective, it is currently one of the more active and productive nations (I am not saying this while others are suffering, just stating a subjective opinion.)

When will China reopen its borders? When can we travel to internationally?

What’s more, some articles claim that China has been discussing with South Korean about soon re-opening borders to each other. But, so far, I didn’t hear anything about it from Chinese official news. Certainly, it remains unknown when China will be reopening to Western countries according to this situation.

Questions about new demands

What is demanded during the pandemic, apart from masks and other medical items? What will be demanded after the pandemic? When will international flights go back to normal? Will it really happen that the world of factory production will be replaced? If it happens, when? Everyone will have their own assumptions.

How to keep business keep going with low budgets? Should we contact factories directly without a business liaison?

For lots of big companies and businesses, it is beneficial to find a liaison agent to ensure lower risks with better results. When it comes to individual businesses and small entrepreneurs, it might be hard to afford such a service. In this case, finding an individual business assistant (liaison in China) would be a cheap way to begin.

Can any English-speaking Chinese be a good liaison or can we skip a liaison to contact factories directly with even lower costs?

In my opinion, when it comes to any kind of relationship, trust, capability of communication, and how to communicate in a mutually understandable way are important. I have been working as a tour guide for over 5 years. Understanding different global cultures as well as understanding Chinese people of different classes and backgrounds are both indispensable to making things work well. Can we skip a liaison? Yes, of course it is possible, but can we put all our trust into sales or a commercial factory? It is always useful and relatively reliable to have a trusted and knowledgeable third party involved. The more trustworthy your business assistant, the more likely it leads to successful business dealings. Can I be that reliable liaison?

I believe it takes a step to find out.

I believe that I can not only make your holiday memorable, but also bring increasing success to your business.

Thank you for contacting us!

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