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Line up and exit in order!

The train system in China has made incredible progress over the last decade. Old trains have been replaced by super-modern High-Speed Trains, and the network does not stop to expand in an amazing pace.

Chinese and foreigners welcome this development, as it allows convenient and ultra-fast trips to many locations in China. However, the dimension in my country are a bit different from almost all other countries in the world. Given the sheer quantity of travellers, the railway company has to make sure that the trains can depart on time – and this means that you have to discipline the masses.

When you take the train in China, you will therefore have the impression of being in an airport rather than in a railway station like the ones you know from Europe or America. Boarding gates, security and order personnel, and all kind of signs are there to cope with the thousands of travellers taking trains every hour.

So be prepared to follow this motto:

Line up and exit in order

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