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Fancy to discover another jewel of China? Come and visit Lishui!

Besides beautiful landscapes and a vibrating modern town around the waterways, you will also find many beautiful architectural achievements, like the Misty Rain Tower (Yan Yu Lou) built from 960 to 1127, which appears in many famous ancient poems for its beauty. The same splendour can be found in the Shishi Temple, a wooden temple built in the same era.

But most people visit Lishui because of the amazing landscapes, be they inside or outside the Natural parks. Have a look:

In my eyes, Lishui is definitely worth a visit if you have some time after having seen the top spots in and around Shanghai. There are also some very special local dishes like the Jade Mutton Roll, the Xian Cai Hot Pot and the very tasty Anren Fish with bean curd. Yummy!

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