• Scarlett Mao

Is it safe to travel in China now? COVID-19 Updated information China and Shanghai.

Since this outbreak of Coronavirus has affected many travellers.

Here I have updated the latest information about Shanghai and China:

All this data is from Tencent Health and GICexpat.

Currently, new confirmed cases has been continuing to go down. In Shanghai, there has been zero new infections reported for several days in a row. And cases of recoveries also keeps going up. In order to go back normal life, over 50% of people have returned back to work. It seems that this virus is mostly under control in most cites in China, apart from Hubei province. And some parts of China already slowly open their attractions, highways, etc.

We believe that it will be ok by the middle of March.

Green line: Shanghai recovered cases

Gray line: Shanghai deaths

Shanghai New Confirmed cases.

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